Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

It's been a few weeks since I've participated in Works for me! Guess not much works for me. Actaully, that's not true. Not sure what I've been up to (beside 5'2")

Here goes - I've been working w/ kids for a lllllooooonnnnnnggggg time. I started out doing respite care for the ARC, I went to school for early childhood ed, I was a nanny for several years and now have my own 3 darling girls.

What I've discovered is this: accidents are GOING to happen.
And this: bandaids or an ice pack cures just about everything.
And this: little kids HATE you to touch their owies w/ said bandaid or ice pack.

So I came up w/ the ingenious plan. I ask for extra ketchup packets at the drive thru. Then I chuck them in a special spot in the freezer. When a kid gets an owie, they hold their ketchup packet on the owie until it's squishy again. That way, they get to hold it instead of you (we apparently push too hard) AND it's small enough for their tiny fingers.

Hope it works for you! Check out Rocks in my Dryer for more ideas on what works!


Anonymous said...

Very clever Mandy. I'm impressed by the creativity.

ames said...

That's an awesome idea! As long as they don't squish the ketchup all over themselves ;)

Anonymous said...

What an GREAT idea! I will have to try that some time SOON... I call that Frugal too! Pack of ketup cost NOTHING... (LOL)

Gettysburg Mom said...

very clever use! I'm sure I'd lose the little packets in the disorganization that is our freezer though! :)

Anonymous said...

Re: getting lost in freezer

Not sure if this would work, but since the shelves in our freezer are wire bars, I could use a little binder clip and suspend them from the shelf. Wouldn't take up room on the shelf, would be easy to find and grab, and I think the little clip part that sticks up probably won't be in the way when getting stuff from the shelf.

Rebecca U