Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Do Something

I'm loving the new vibe Mandy Thompson's blog has. If you haven't seen it...check it out!! Seriously, some folks over there are changing the world.

I just don't know where I fit into all of it. I'm not good at listening to what God wants me to do, to be a part of. I usually come up w/ my own ideas, and then get worn out.

For example: I decided in 04 that I was going to use all my Mom's old fabric & make baby quilts for the Eugene Mission. I had the stuff, I had the machine, I had the time, I had the skills. The first few were beatiful. Flawless. Warm. I even quilted John 3:16 into them.

The next few were less quality. The last few were thrown together. I was so worried about quantity that I gave up on quality. I ended up making 17 of them. The Mission was grateful, but I was disappointed in myself. I wasn't giving my best to these folks even though they deserve it.

How can I stay focused in my "Do-ing" for others instead of getting off track so easily?


mandy said...


I love it when we find simple ways to make a difference - but the hard part really is staying on top of things. following through. staying committed.

Tam said...

isnt that true for most things tho. the warm fuzzy wears off. you have to work at it. like marriages...every day is a choice to love.

i do the same thing with things that seem "less" important or impacting.

but who am i to say, or judge, whether or not my attempts or dreams will or wont make a difference. if i give up, i'll never know.

i think i just gave myself some therapy here.

thanks girl!

Heather Stevens said...

I haven't seen/talked to you guys in FOREVER and a DAYY!!! Do you still go to church on saturdays? I miss seeing ya'll!! :( :( hope you're doing well!!

Heather Stevens said...

ahh...well thats cool!!
I miss you guys though :(
We needa hang out sometime!
Maybe i could come over and 'babysit' sometime again..except you guys dont leave, and I dont get paid :) lol

kyle said...

Hey Mandy, hope you are well. It's been a long time since I've really been around.

That's all really, just seeing how you are.

Mandy said...

I just stumbled on your blog from Rocks in my Dryer simply because my name is Mandy too and my dad always sung Barry Manilow's "Mandy" to me. Then I get to your blog to see we both have three daughters and live one state away from eachother. This particular post I could have written myself. I have about 42 craft projects for some mission or another started at any given time. Nice to "meet" you.

MCC said...

Mandy (not Thompson) you didn't link up your blog! I want to "meet" you via your blog posts.

Come back...please!

Tracie said...

Hi Mandy, I saw your recent comment on Mandy's blog. Does that make sense? hehe. I just prayed for you. And these are the things that came to mind: There is a scripture that says "Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear now evil" but it also says "for you are with me. your rod and your staff comforrt me.' I looked up staff in the dictionary and it is a stick used as support in walking. God is with you and is your staff when you are not sure you can walk through this time. And I care too so here is a video, you may fall but He catches you and holds you:

Tracie said...

I need to start proof reading

fear no evil, not now evil


Anonymous said...

I don't know the solution to this quandary, but I do know those people were probably so very thankful to be warm. Most people I know are fearful or worried that their efforts aren't going to be enough, so they don't do anything. It seriously only takes one person doing one thing to change the world.