Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kem's bday

This is Kem. It's her birthday weekend. She's 40. I know...she doesn't look 40 does she? She doesn't ACT 40 if you couldn't tell by the pic I posted.

I've had the chance to spend minimal time with her, but can tell you that I want to spend more. She is full of energy, love, passion & has a great sense of humor. Twisted, but great.

Our families have enjoyed time together. I've spent time with her kids. She once twittered me in a time of need. Our hubs golf together. I hope that doesn't all end, when she realizes what I've done to her blog & twitter over the weekend. BTW - head over & leave her a bday comment. it's ok if you don't know her...she's friendly like that.

Kem - I adore you. I hope this weekend was memorable. Can't wait to see you. And....your hubs made me to it. =)

Friday, August 29, 2008


It's true. Kem's hubs Mark highjacked her blog.

Check out the video below. Then go to her blog & check out the cool videos & comments folks have left her. Even better, write a bday post to her, then link it in the comments.

She'll have access to it on Sunday evening, so let's send as many well wishers her way.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunday Setlist

I have been so lazy lately about charging my phone!!! I haven't been able to take notes at church as to what songs we're singing during worship. Excuses, excuses right?

Here's our list this week:

I couldn't place the intro song...who knows it? Go listen & then come back & tell's driving me crazy.

Today is the day - Lincoln Brewster
Everlasting God(Today is the day) - Chris Tomlin
You never let Go - Matt Redman
My Glorious - Delirious

Spotlight songs -
Gravedigger - Dave Matthews band
The House of God Forever - Jon Foreman

Here's the link to the service. Click on watch the service entitled Fear of Death. The video at the end was too much for me. I was wrecked.

Check out Fred's blog for more Sunday Setlists!!

Family night

We have had several family nights since my last official family night post. Truth is, I'm working so hard on getting pics of the activities, food & kids...I wasn't enjoying myself.

This week's no different. It was Disney night, we were busy, I got no pics because I was busy enjoying myself.

Here what we did. For a centerpiece we had a mini suitcase w/ Disney stuff inside, stuffed characters around the house & food...lots of food.

We had Pizza Planet pizza, mickey & cars shaped pasta salad, deviled eggs w/ sliced olive mickey ears & our guests brought cupcakes & fruit salad.

We played Disney Scene it & told each other the things we're looking forward to the most about our upcoming trip.

Tiffany was so nice & brought the girls Disney themed notebooks & pens.

Tiffany works w/ hubs & is taking her family to Disney the week before we go. But, we overlap 1 day so we're hooking up at Chip & Dale's campfire singalong before they leave.

It's so much fun to share family night. And even w/ no pics, the kids will remember these for years!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This just in

When you post music on your makes it very difficult to read. The music distracts from your content. Wait, maybe that's your plan!?!

I like the feel of checking blogs manually, instead of using RSS. Seems to be more electric. More of a community.

Listening to The Killers while looking at your baby pictures ruins for me.

Boomama did a poll & that was the #1 on blogs. I saw a huge decline in the use of music after her findings were posted. I ended up reading several new blogs because they had gotten rid of their tuneage.

Does music on blogs bother anyone else? Or is it only us Boomama readers? Do you RSS your favorite blogs?

Things are changing

I've been absent from the blogosphere for about a week now. I was still commenting & looking at all of YOU, just not writing my own posts.

Our life is hectic right now. But that's about to change...sort of. Here's what's been happening:

The girls started school. Cyra loves her teachers & so does Kenady. I had a mishap w/ one of the parents in the K class that had me in tears for a day & made me reconsider homeschooling. It was nasty. Both of their teachers say they are smart & respectful. That makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. =)

It's no secret that the RV industry is in a HUGE slump. We receive a small salary, but mostly commission. That commission is currently down 40% & looks like it will get worse before Winter hits. Yikes. So we had a yard sale to help make ends meet next month. We walked out w/ $410. Not great, but considering we only had small stuff..pretty good. We also had someone look at our Excursion. If I'm not driving GS around this year, I really don't need a big vehicle. We're going to take the cash & buy a little car.

Yep, you heard GS this year. I've decided instead to start working again. My neighbor has graciously offered to get me a job at a hotel. I love working at hotels. I'll either be swing shift or graveyard (please pray for swing!). This will bring in enough income to cover the disequity in hubs' paychecks!!! So GS is out. If I'm working swing, I wont' be available during after school hours. If I work graveyard, I'll be sleeping during those hours.

I want my girls to see that if things get rough, we all have to chip in. Dad will change his hours at work. His boss was great about understanding our financial need. Girls will take on more chores & Mom will be bringing in some big bucks (not really).

Two things I'm thankful for right now:

1)Last night's sermon. I hold on to so many worries, doubts & fears. I forget how big God really is. Even though He's shown me how much I matter to Him...I still think my problems are too big. I'm going to change that "stinkin thinkin".

2)We have minimal debt. Hubs & I completed the Dave Ramsey class last August. We still have our small house payment & 1 car payment (it's worth SO MUCH LESS than we owe). We'd have to take out a loan to cover the diff. I can't imagine how stressful it would be if we hadn't taken care of all the small debt we had accrued.

I just wanted to let you all know where I had been lately. Busy with life...and learning to love every minute of it.

Friday, August 15, 2008

My kid likes to wipe herself

My littlest Campbell is awesome at using the potty. She has a Dora potty seat for inside the house & a Pooh Bear potty for in the car.

When we're out, I just open up the barn doors & she goes right there in the back of the Excursion. Like so:
he refuses to use "toilet papers" when we're out. Yuck.

At home, she uses her Dora potty. After she goes, she insists on only using "ONE SQUARE OF TOILET PAPERS!"

None of these pieces made the cut. It can't have a tad missing. It can be a tad bigger. It has to be JUST RIGHT!

If she doesn't go, she saves the "toilet papers" for later by tucking into her potty handle. I would say she's frugal because of that, but she just wasted 9 perfectly useful pieces of toilet paper...she BETTER save that usable one.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grade school punishment

I just got back from Kenady's Kindergarten Orientation. What a joke. We sat through an hour of description of what they're going to teach.

Seriously. Aren't you going to teach counting to 100, basic phonics, responsibility, respectfulness, being a good friend & SIT DOWN & SHUT UP. I prefer the majority of the school year be that last lesson. Just kidding...relax.

The teacher also gave us a list of rewards & consequences. Here is that list:

Rewards are Praise, Postive note sent home, Gold slip reporting good behavior & prizes from the prize box (which the teacher says she rarely gives out). These are all fine & dandy. My middle daughter would love to get any of these & will work her fanny off to get them. My oldest is all about the prize box....the other stuff is child's play.

Consequences: My middle daughter would be crushed if any of these things below happened. My oldest who is a self proclaimed comedian will give Mrs. Teacher a run for her money. This kid is the cream of the crop in every subject & makes sure to correct her teachers when they are wrong. YES - she has caught them doling out incorrect information to the classroom. I received a phone call from the teacher, that's how I know. She was trying to punish Cyra w/a phone call home for pointing it out during class. I said "was Cyra correct, or were you correct? Was she disrepectful at all? No? so you were just embarassed?"

Here are the consequences
First time: verbal warning - Kenady would be crushed & sobbing if this happened. Tender little thing.
Second time: name on board - why does this scare kids? All it means is that your teacher A. remembers your name & B. she can spell it accurately.
Third time: time-out & note sent home - this would scare me. My Dad would have been irrate. But not at me, at the teacher. I could do no wrong in his eyes. This became a huge problem once high school hit & boys were in the picture.
Fourth time: sent to principal - Cyra would be upset at this point. It would take the biggest punishment to get her to even THINK about changing her behavior. And I only think she'd be upset at this point because she'd lose some serious perks.

I got sent to the office one time for wearing too short of a skirt & an off the shoulder blouse. My Mom (who worked at the school) was called in as well. Mom's answer "I think she looks GOOD"

How many times were you sent to the principal's office & what for?

Driver's etiquette

I set off this morning to take care of last minute Kindergarten registration. OK - I totally lost my registration packet & had to have it re-filled out.

I pulled up to the kids' school & of course there are NO PARKING SPACES OUT FRONT. I pull around again & find one. It's at the very back where you have to be a good driver to get out...and that's if you drive a normal vehicle. NOT something the size of a school bus.

I run in a drop off paperwork. I get back in the car & start it. I look back & 2 cars were pulling into, and parking in, the turn around area. I hop out & asked if the ladies where just running in papers or staying awhile because I wouldn't be able to get out until they left. One lady was even sticking out at least a foot. I would have creamed her Yukon.

The ladies both say "do you want us to move?" Are you kidding me? Of course I want them to move. I can't get out until they move. They shouldn't park in the turn around anyway, let alone block a HUGE vehicle in. Move dangit, Move.."yes please, that is if you don't mind. Otherwise I'll have to wait until you finish w/ your lunch to get out"

They both slam it in reverse & move ...after being persuaded.

Sad thing is, I think one of them is one of my GS leaders. Maybe she didn't recognize me...or the fire in my eyes as I said "Please"

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I will not join them

Hubs & I are so discouraged. Please help us figure out what's happening. Maybe we're doing something wrong here & just don't know it.

We both lived in an area where we felt very connected & loved. We attended church each week & had a few couple friends there. These friends would come over every Sunday afternoon for family time. We'd potluck, grill, watch movies, play poker...whatever.

Our kids had their share of arguements but were thrilled to play together for the most part. I always had someone to call if I needed someone & vice versa. There was never a doubt that I had their support in my life.

Even now...when I have a problem...guess whom I call? Yep. My old friends from Oregon.

I knew that good friends were hard to find, but this is getting so ridiculous.

I am officially discouraged when it comes to meeting & hanging out w/ folks in Granger. I see a lot of the same folks each week at church or in my neighborhood, but no one responds when I leave a message inviting them for pie or drinks. We had a new neighbor move in & I stopped by (apparently they weren't home) with a box of Godiva chocolates & a card. Asked them to call so we could get together...*chirp...chirp*...nothing.

I've baked bread & delivered it to everyone w/ in a 2 block radius. I've volunteered myself to watch kids, water dogs, pick up mail...anything just to spark some interraction. They take me up on it, but it never reaches more.

The invites are never RSVP'd, who knows if the cards are even read...I sure hope they ate the bread, cause if not, they're missing out.

If one more person say s"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"...I'm gonna scream. Please pray that THAT doesn't happen. I couldn't stand it if I'm stuck in a place where I just survive from one day to the next. It would kill me.

Tell me - what could I be doing better to encourage REAL interraction here?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fetus Friday #3

Fetus Friday is a carnival hosted by Amy Beth to help her Roomie learn all she can before giving birth in a few months.

I have to admit that I'm not the normal Mom after I give birth. I don't rest when the baby is resting. My house looks amazingly clean. I prepare great meals. All of that is because I feel so much better after that thing is out!!! In fact I had Campbell at 5:43 in the morning, left the hospital at noon, & attended a church potluck that night at 6. Not normal, I know.

The reason is that I get extremely sick during my pregnancy. Can't go anywhere. Lose some weight. The first I lost 23 lbs, second I lost 18 lbs, third I lost 16. Of course I gain it back (plus) after baby is born. =(

If you feel more normal after your birth (and by normal I mean...hit by a train) please accept help from those who offer. BUT, be clear. A lot of good meaning people just want to come hold your baby. Truth is...YOU'LL want to hold your baby. Tell them what you need help with. Laundry, freezing meals, grocery shopping, mopping floors....anything at all. My Mom came for a week and did all of this for me. Even though I didn't NEED it...once she was a huge blessing.

You'll want as much quality time w/ baby during those first few days. Don't feel like you have to let everyone hold him just because they offered help. BTW - some of this fear will ease with each subsequent birth. =)

Another thing people will do is grab baby's hand & kiss it.....YIKES. Babies put their fists in their mouth. Your baby could have just gotten herpes...seriously. When people come up to my baby, I'm quick to put my hand up & say "I prefer you touch her hair & not her hands. She likes to suck on her fists." Surprisingly kids are cool with this...adults are not. But I WILL NOT risk my baby getting something nasty because I was worried about hurting people's feelings. I am their only advocate.

Of course you could just put on those little mitten things too. But I always had girls & painted their nails so...I CAN'T DO MITTENS! Here are some pics of my middle girl Kenady:

My brother holding her at 2 weeks.
Her little puckered lips...Mmmm...kisses.
This girl has some great eyelashes.
And great hair.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

bloggy break

I'm taking a short bloggy break to get ready for back to school. The kids go back in a week & I'm not ready!!!

See you all soon.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday Setlist Carnival

My family decided to skip church this weekend (GASP) & instead spent time at Bonneyville Mill. We watched wheat being ground by an old mill stone, played in a waterfall, picnicked & did some hiking.

BUT, I did get to watch the GCC service online & here's the setlist rundown.

1)Today Is The Day That You Have Made - Lincoln Brewster
2)Awesome Is The Lord Most High - Chris Tomlin

& a spotlight song Courage Is - Strange Familiar

I received several messages saying "only 2 songs? do you normally do more?"

Nope. We usually have 2 during the weekend services & several more during our mid week meeting. It's always amazing & God shows up...even in only 2 songs.

Here's the link if you want to watch. Go down to the sermon entitles Change Is Good & click watch.

School's starting

School is starting in 9 days! 9 days!

I remember my first full school year here. I went to Walmart w/ my oldest to get her list & buy what she needed. We searched at Walmart's list kiosk & our school's list is missing. Not one of the kiosk's had it. I asked a passerby & they told me that at Penn, we don't buy school supplies.

HOORAY! No school supplies? That'll save me about $30 for the year. Yippee.

Then I get a letter from her school. With a list of items that THEY will provide...for a HUGE fee.

Cyra's first year was $150. They have us buy new books every year!! Every year!! Where do the old books go? That's what I wanna know.

This year Cyra's school fee is around $165. Kenady's is $95. Imagine if you had 5 kids in school. That could put some people in a very bad way considering our area has lost over 1500 jobs in the past month.

The school will allow you to make no interest payments until February. But seriously...I do not want to get in the habit of financing ANYTHING. Not even interest free school supplies.

Anyone else out there have the same sort of school supply fiasco?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Fetus Friday #2

It's Fetus Friday again. We're helping Amy Beth's roomie learn all she can from us veteran moms. Cyra & her lovely baby Christina are helping me this week.

My second installment is going to be on burping your baby. Colic is a nasty, dirty, horrible, very bad thing. Most babies get colic from gas not being able to escape their little bellies. OK - let's let out a collective "Ohhh....poor little thing" ...ok good.

First, when feeding your babe stop every once or so to burp them. Sit them on your lap like so

Start at the bottom of the baby's back, putting pressure on him, rub up. You'll know if there's a burp in there, because you can actually FEEL the air. I can't explain what it feels like, but they sort of wiggle when you get to the spot that's full of air.

It also works well to hold them on your hip, facing out. You can support their little neck & get your other hand around to work it out. Although this position encourages spit least the spit up is AWAY from you.

Laying baby on your legs works good to. Either straight up & down or sideways. Both work. Use the same rubbing motion. Start the bottom, rub up w/slight pressure. Repeat. This will usually put baby to sleep, especially if you bounce your knees slightly.
I know it seems like burping is a small issue. I can't tell you how many moms don't do it thoroughly & end up w/ some nasty colic.

Better out than in right?