Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday Setlist Carnival

My family decided to skip church this weekend (GASP) & instead spent time at Bonneyville Mill. We watched wheat being ground by an old mill stone, played in a waterfall, picnicked & did some hiking.

BUT, I did get to watch the GCC service online & here's the setlist rundown.

1)Today Is The Day That You Have Made - Lincoln Brewster
2)Awesome Is The Lord Most High - Chris Tomlin

& a spotlight song Courage Is - Strange Familiar

I received several messages saying "only 2 songs? do you normally do more?"

Nope. We usually have 2 during the weekend services & several more during our mid week meeting. It's always amazing & God shows up...even in only 2 songs.

Here's the link if you want to watch. Go down to the sermon entitles Change Is Good & click watch.


Anonymous said...

I hate that we only do two songs, but he sure can show up even in those! Hope you had a great weekend. It sounded fun! H

mandy said...

two songs? wow...
sometimes we cut it down to, um, four.