Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love Tony Campolo

I'm sure some of you have already seen / heard this story. Tony Campolo tells a story about some ladies he met in Hawaii. It brings me to tears every time I hear it. Thought I'd share.

No more country club churches. Amen.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hide n Seek

The other day Campbell wanted to play hide n seek. I despise hide n seek. Mainly because I can't win. There are only a few spots that a grown up can hide in our house. A closet, behind an open door, under the table or behind a curtain.

Those are all great places EXCEPT...the dog. She doesn't leave my side. If I'm hiding behind the curtain, she's standing in front of the curtain. She's like a stinking alarm screaming "SHE'S RIGHT HERE. LOOK OVER HERE. RUFF RUFF. HURRY UP. I'M TIRED OF STANDING HERE."

But the other day was different. At about 1 o'clock I was feeling pretty sweaty after a day of packing. I wanted a shower. By myself. Alone. I only need 10 minutes. Hmmm...

So I asked Campbell if she wanted to play hide n seek. "OF COURSE!" she said.

I asked her to count to 20. As soon as she covered her eyes. I ran upstairs, shut the bathroom door & jumped in the shower. After about 5 minutes or so I hear her run upstairs. She opens the bathroom door & walks passed. (Sh...she didn't see me). Never mind the shower's running...she didn't figure it out. She doesn't even think or realize that I'm in there. I? Am a genius.

She leaves. A few minutes later returns & says "mom are you in there? I found you!"

She thinks she won. But we all know who the REAL winner is? I got 15 whole minutes. Alone. Ahhh...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love Daft Punk

I'm on a youtube kick. This video is awesome. Wait a little bit for the hands to start jiving!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

St. Patrick's Day VeggieTales edition

This is a great video on the Sumo Of The Opera DVD by Veggietales.

It's a great explanation for kids that tells of the history of St. Patrick's Day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Missing my hubs

I'm missing hubs today. Actually, I've been missing him for awhile. I'm trying to keep things alive...but not sure if it's been successful. =/

I know this video has been through my circle of friends, but I still love it. Can't wait to laugh with you babe...(yes, laugh is code).

Monday, March 2, 2009

Twitter - all the juicy details

I've been pretty absent from my blog lately. Between our Indiana house selling & offering on a new house in Oregon, it's been hectic. Wait, those aren't the REAL reasons I haven't been blogging. The blame is really on Twitter.

I've been doing it for awhile, but I'm really enjoying it more & more everyday. Here's an explanation on how it works. The little tidbits that come across from people all over the globe can be insightful & hysterical. It's become second nature to type in things that are happening in my life. If I find a good deal on milk, I'll twitter it. When traffic is backed up, I'll twitter it. When a child pooped their pants at Walmart, I twittered it. When a blister pops in my new workout shoes, I twitter it with a picture. My followers get all the juicy details before anyone else.

I'm gonna tell you the only problem I've had with Twitter. When I send someone a picture from my phone it's super easy. I do it several times a day, so I'm good at it.

Problem is, when you want to send your husband a picture of your cleavage cause you've been seperated for over 3 months & don't want him to forget what he has waiting for him at home.

You type in the twitter email addy instead of your husband's. Within a minute of posting it, your husband calls you & informs you that your "girls" are making their internet debut on Twitter.

So I run downstairs (hanging up the phone by accident on the way) only to discover I've closed everything out. Twitter pulls up, I delete the tweet.

Ahhh....breathe....relax. Call hubs back.

Ross says "I CAN STILL SEE IT!"

Oh shoot! It has to be deleted from Twitpic too. *point, click, click, delete* Ahhh...there we go. Hopefully no one will notice.

I sit there clicking the replies tab & the refresh button waiting for someone to comment. My fears were recognized when SadeeLady (Selena) says "@mandyconforth what the heck is that a pix of? Looks like an unmentionable, or was that the point?"

Dang it. Someone saw my bits.

I direct messaged her & told her of my horrible mistake. She replied with "CAN'T STOP LAUGHING! must breath.....oh! my head. It huurts 2 laugh that hard!"

Which made ME laugh uncontrollably.

Anyway, no one else reponded. THANK YOU JESUS!

Hubs & I (and Selena) had a good chuckle.

And the "girls" are in hiding.

When I said my Twitter peeps get first dibs at all the juicy details...I wasn't kidding.