Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I love Tony Campolo

I'm sure some of you have already seen / heard this story. Tony Campolo tells a story about some ladies he met in Hawaii. It brings me to tears every time I hear it. Thought I'd share.

No more country club churches. Amen.


David said...

I saw Tony years ago and read a few of his books...um...also years ago...

I feel old now...haha

Oh yes, and I've heard this story...love it, thanks for reminding us :)

Guru Marine said...

Amazing story. When I get into situations like that, I tend to just screw it up and look judgmental.

I'm with the cook, that's a church I would like to go to. Meanwhile, I'm at the "half countryclub." Sad.

Shari said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mandy C. said...

To Shari who left a comment, then deleted her comment.

I'm sorry if it offended you that I googled your name after you responded to my Craig's list ad.

I felt it necessary to find out if you were any sort of felon before giving you or your husband my address & inviting you to my home.

Hope you understand that I felt the need to protect my family.

Anonymous said...

Hey...you gotta update your blog, yo. I miss it.

Terrace Crawford said...

Mandy, I LOVE this video. I recall seeing it last year at some point. Very moving.

--Terrace Crawford

Owlhaven said...

Love this!

Mary, mom to many