Friday, June 12, 2009

Blogging again. Part 1.

OMW - it's been forever since I've blogged. Not that stuff hasn't been happening. My life has been so chaotic. I probably could've USED the blogging outlet. I just never made the time.

Well that's all gonna least for today. So here's what's been happening in my life since Spring.

Part 1.

At the end of March, Ross came to Indiana & we were able to sign papers for our house closing. The new owners had asked for a 45 day close, so I had plenty of time to box up a ton of stuff. With 4 feet of snow outside, what else was there to do right?

We had arranged for our pickup to be hauled out by semi & our furniture & such would be hauled out by semi seperately.

With the help of awesome friends we loaded the whole house in less than 4 hours...and it was 3100 square feet! The semi truck driver was ecstatic that he could get a head start about 7 hours earlier than planned! We said our goodbyes to neighbors & headed to a hotel.

We spent a few days just enjoying time w/ Ross. He left Dec. 4th & we were able to see him for a week over Christmas & a weekend over Valentine's day. Talk about a hard 4 months! I have a whole new respect for shoveling snow. I was outside shoveling one day for 3 hours. And that was just for the morning routine. I did another 1.5 in the evening!

So we spent a few days together at a hotel until we flew out a few days later. Once we landed in Portland we were able to enjoy lunch w/ the totally awesome Clayville Clan. Jenni, Brian & their handsome boys.

It was a hectic few days, but also comforting to know we were back home.

So there's part 1. I'll try & add more tomorrow. Sorry for the lack of writing, but after each installment you'll understand why I've been absent from the blogosphere. Love you interpeeps.

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David said...

So I was scrolling through my reader and noticed a post from a blog called "Get The Lead Out".

I was wondering if the feed had broken.