Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Driver's etiquette

I set off this morning to take care of last minute Kindergarten registration. OK - I totally lost my registration packet & had to have it re-filled out.

I pulled up to the kids' school & of course there are NO PARKING SPACES OUT FRONT. I pull around again & find one. It's at the very back where you have to be a good driver to get out...and that's if you drive a normal vehicle. NOT something the size of a school bus.

I run in a drop off paperwork. I get back in the car & start it. I look back & 2 cars were pulling into, and parking in, the turn around area. I hop out & asked if the ladies where just running in papers or staying awhile because I wouldn't be able to get out until they left. One lady was even sticking out at least a foot. I would have creamed her Yukon.

The ladies both say "do you want us to move?" Are you kidding me? Of course I want them to move. I can't get out until they move. They shouldn't park in the turn around anyway, let alone block a HUGE vehicle in. Move dangit, Move.."yes please, that is if you don't mind. Otherwise I'll have to wait until you finish w/ your lunch to get out"

They both slam it in reverse & move ...after being persuaded.

Sad thing is, I think one of them is one of my GS leaders. Maybe she didn't recognize me...or the fire in my eyes as I said "Please"


Kyle said...

I probably would have been hateful. Stuff like that seems to really just get under my skin in full.

Props to not being too hateful.

MCC said...

I was hateful enough to write a blog post about it. =/