Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grade school punishment

I just got back from Kenady's Kindergarten Orientation. What a joke. We sat through an hour of description of what they're going to teach.

Seriously. Aren't you going to teach counting to 100, basic phonics, responsibility, respectfulness, being a good friend & SIT DOWN & SHUT UP. I prefer the majority of the school year be that last lesson. Just kidding...relax.

The teacher also gave us a list of rewards & consequences. Here is that list:

Rewards are Praise, Postive note sent home, Gold slip reporting good behavior & prizes from the prize box (which the teacher says she rarely gives out). These are all fine & dandy. My middle daughter would love to get any of these & will work her fanny off to get them. My oldest is all about the prize box....the other stuff is child's play.

Consequences: My middle daughter would be crushed if any of these things below happened. My oldest who is a self proclaimed comedian will give Mrs. Teacher a run for her money. This kid is the cream of the crop in every subject & makes sure to correct her teachers when they are wrong. YES - she has caught them doling out incorrect information to the classroom. I received a phone call from the teacher, that's how I know. She was trying to punish Cyra w/a phone call home for pointing it out during class. I said "was Cyra correct, or were you correct? Was she disrepectful at all? No? so you were just embarassed?"

Here are the consequences
First time: verbal warning - Kenady would be crushed & sobbing if this happened. Tender little thing.
Second time: name on board - why does this scare kids? All it means is that your teacher A. remembers your name & B. she can spell it accurately.
Third time: time-out & note sent home - this would scare me. My Dad would have been irrate. But not at me, at the teacher. I could do no wrong in his eyes. This became a huge problem once high school hit & boys were in the picture.
Fourth time: sent to principal - Cyra would be upset at this point. It would take the biggest punishment to get her to even THINK about changing her behavior. And I only think she'd be upset at this point because she'd lose some serious perks.

I got sent to the office one time for wearing too short of a skirt & an off the shoulder blouse. My Mom (who worked at the school) was called in as well. Mom's answer "I think she looks GOOD"

How many times were you sent to the principal's office & what for?


Crystal Renaud said...

not once. not even my name of the board.

Anonymous said...

I got sent in once for wearing cut offs because they were deemed a "fire-hazared". One other time I was sent away was when I called the teacher out for passing one of the football players with the same "A" that I got for the assignment that he didn't even do. The next week the dean sat in the class and "evaluated" our class. I hated school.

Anonymous said...

hazared? hazard I meant.

Anonymous said...

I was routinely sent to sit in the hall, sent to the principals office, you name it in grade school. I went to grade school in Clinton, Iowa from 1968-1972, was routinely slapped by my teachers. Never had a problem in Highschool. My son is a senior in Highschool, every time I go to his current or past schools for any function, I feel queasy. Teachers, administrators, etc, they still make me nervous.

Anonymous said...

Congradulations Mandy, you are the proof that the apple never falls far away from the tree. You aim at defending your kids with so much enthusiasm that you undermind the teacher's work at educating you kids. The teacher doesn't feel embarassed for being corrected by your daughter, she feels irritated because your daughter is a know it all and never shuts up and did it one too many times. Teach your kids to obey the teacher no matter what she says and you'll never get a negative phone call from your kids teachers.

MCC said...

Anonymous - I don't see a problem w/ questioning authority.

If my children see something that is incorrect or opposite of what they teacher had said earlier...I would hope my child would question it.

I question our government because I don't agree w/ the current administration. I question text books because they teach evolution which I don't agree with.

My kids are smart. Sometimes smart mouth. You can bet that I defend them when they're right & correct them when they're wrong or disrepectful.