Sunday, August 24, 2008

Things are changing

I've been absent from the blogosphere for about a week now. I was still commenting & looking at all of YOU, just not writing my own posts.

Our life is hectic right now. But that's about to change...sort of. Here's what's been happening:

The girls started school. Cyra loves her teachers & so does Kenady. I had a mishap w/ one of the parents in the K class that had me in tears for a day & made me reconsider homeschooling. It was nasty. Both of their teachers say they are smart & respectful. That makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside. =)

It's no secret that the RV industry is in a HUGE slump. We receive a small salary, but mostly commission. That commission is currently down 40% & looks like it will get worse before Winter hits. Yikes. So we had a yard sale to help make ends meet next month. We walked out w/ $410. Not great, but considering we only had small stuff..pretty good. We also had someone look at our Excursion. If I'm not driving GS around this year, I really don't need a big vehicle. We're going to take the cash & buy a little car.

Yep, you heard GS this year. I've decided instead to start working again. My neighbor has graciously offered to get me a job at a hotel. I love working at hotels. I'll either be swing shift or graveyard (please pray for swing!). This will bring in enough income to cover the disequity in hubs' paychecks!!! So GS is out. If I'm working swing, I wont' be available during after school hours. If I work graveyard, I'll be sleeping during those hours.

I want my girls to see that if things get rough, we all have to chip in. Dad will change his hours at work. His boss was great about understanding our financial need. Girls will take on more chores & Mom will be bringing in some big bucks (not really).

Two things I'm thankful for right now:

1)Last night's sermon. I hold on to so many worries, doubts & fears. I forget how big God really is. Even though He's shown me how much I matter to Him...I still think my problems are too big. I'm going to change that "stinkin thinkin".

2)We have minimal debt. Hubs & I completed the Dave Ramsey class last August. We still have our small house payment & 1 car payment (it's worth SO MUCH LESS than we owe). We'd have to take out a loan to cover the diff. I can't imagine how stressful it would be if we hadn't taken care of all the small debt we had accrued.

I just wanted to let you all know where I had been lately. Busy with life...and learning to love every minute of it.


World's Greatest Mommy said...

You are so upbeat and positive about the changes going on in your life.
I'm impressed. I'm scaling back too, so that I can spend more serious time on my work now that the kids are in school. Finances have been squeezed so badly lately...I've got to find a way to make up the difference too.

I forced the kids to choose 1 activity to be involved in other than church and we're holding strictly to that.

I'm also taking a bloggy vacation for two weeks to focus on my kids. I started realizing that my balance of blog/real life was way skewed and I'm determined to straighten it up.

Thanks for inspiring me with your post. Sometimes I berate myself for not doing it all, when I should really be focused on doing what I can.

MCC said...

Thanks Sarah. My new positive attitude happened after hearing our pastor talk about fear / worry.

I worry about everything & the reason? I think my problems are too big for Jesus. Crazy, I know. If He can hold the universe in His hand...surely He's big enough to take care of my miniscule problems.

I'm doing my darndest to trust during this really hard time.

Lisa said...

Good luck with all of your changes. We know all about changes like that. Seth has recently gotten a second job to supplement our income. Sometimes we have to do things we don't want or skip other things we do want to help things be better in the future. It all works out eventually.

Francois said...

Hi Mandy

I pray for you for the best for this coming time of change.

Well done for keeping a positive attitude, and for loving life!


p.s. I hope you don't get the graveyard shift!

Francois said...

Hi Mandy

I tried to email you on the email address you left with your comment on the Liberta Financial Freedom Support Network page, but it doesn't seem to work!

I would be more than happy to link to you if you'd like to join the support network. You guys are a great example for others to see how it's done.

Take care and God bless,