Friday, August 15, 2008

My kid likes to wipe herself

My littlest Campbell is awesome at using the potty. She has a Dora potty seat for inside the house & a Pooh Bear potty for in the car.

When we're out, I just open up the barn doors & she goes right there in the back of the Excursion. Like so:
he refuses to use "toilet papers" when we're out. Yuck.

At home, she uses her Dora potty. After she goes, she insists on only using "ONE SQUARE OF TOILET PAPERS!"

None of these pieces made the cut. It can't have a tad missing. It can be a tad bigger. It has to be JUST RIGHT!

If she doesn't go, she saves the "toilet papers" for later by tucking into her potty handle. I would say she's frugal because of that, but she just wasted 9 perfectly useful pieces of toilet paper...she BETTER save that usable one.


Annette said...

Ah! I love it! McKenna is much the opposite!! She rolls off half the roll...then discard the first half of what she's rolled off because it's too long. Grr...

Jen (a.k.a. motor mouth) said...

CUTE!!!! So neat seeing the girls in photos, since we haven't seen them since last July!!!
Campbell is looking more and more like Kenady!
You're going to have your hands full in 10 years with 3 girls!

thediaperdiaries said...

She would make Al Gore so proud. Saving the earth one square at a time.

Milk Mama said...

LOL how cute! heheheh!!!

My daughter has the same potty seat. But I think she's anti potty right now, so we'll be putting that off for a bit lol. :D

I tagged you for a game of tag on my blog. Hope you play!