Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family night

We have had several family nights since my last official family night post. Truth is, I'm working so hard on getting pics of the activities, food & kids...I wasn't enjoying myself.

This week's no different. It was Disney night, we were busy, I got no pics because I was busy enjoying myself.

Here what we did. For a centerpiece we had a mini suitcase w/ Disney stuff inside, stuffed characters around the house & food...lots of food.

We had Pizza Planet pizza, mickey & cars shaped pasta salad, deviled eggs w/ sliced olive mickey ears & our guests brought cupcakes & fruit salad.

We played Disney Scene it & told each other the things we're looking forward to the most about our upcoming trip.

Tiffany was so nice & brought the girls Disney themed notebooks & pens.

Tiffany works w/ hubs & is taking her family to Disney the week before we go. But, we overlap 1 day so we're hooking up at Chip & Dale's campfire singalong before they leave.

It's so much fun to share family night. And even w/ no pics, the kids will remember these for years!!


Billie said...

Oh, what a great idea! I'll have to try that for one of my nights. I mean, I think with all of the Disney stuff we have at our house we have paid some character's salary!

Anonymous said...

I also had to remind myself to have fun! My kids are really young (1, 2 1/2) so I need to remember to keep things really simple for us. If I try to get too elaborate I just get stressed out and the kids just want to play.

Anonymous said...

I loved that you did it before your trip. Have fun! H

Kem said...

Hey Mandy...

You should add a search gadget to your blog or add a family night category to make it easy for people to find all your posts about family nights without having to go through your archives one page at a time.

Search gadgets are easy!