Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kem's bday

This is Kem. It's her birthday weekend. She's 40. I know...she doesn't look 40 does she? She doesn't ACT 40 if you couldn't tell by the pic I posted.

I've had the chance to spend minimal time with her, but can tell you that I want to spend more. She is full of energy, love, passion & has a great sense of humor. Twisted, but great.

Our families have enjoyed time together. I've spent time with her kids. She once twittered me in a time of need. Our hubs golf together. I hope that doesn't all end, when she realizes what I've done to her blog & twitter over the weekend. BTW - head over & leave her a bday comment. it's ok if you don't know her...she's friendly like that.

Kem - I adore you. I hope this weekend was memorable. Can't wait to see you. And....your hubs made me to it. =)


Mel said...

Nice post Mandy! This has been fun (-:

Never Abandoned said...
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Anonymous said...

Not about this post, but I wanted to see how things were going for you. It's been awhile since we've dialogued.

Hope all is well Mandy.

Kem said...

My blog has been in good hands. I'm at a loss for words to express how grateful and humbled I feel. You have helped make an unforgettable lifetime experience.

Mandy... Thank you.

And, tell kenady thanks for sitting by me at the movie. It was a highlight. :)

shell said...

I found your blog from Whittakerwoman. We live in Granger as well-moved here 3 year ago for husbands job and have had a hard time finding 'real' friends as well. Thanks for being so real and open on your blog.
shelleywalatka at