Sunday, August 24, 2008

This just in

When you post music on your makes it very difficult to read. The music distracts from your content. Wait, maybe that's your plan!?!

I like the feel of checking blogs manually, instead of using RSS. Seems to be more electric. More of a community.

Listening to The Killers while looking at your baby pictures ruins for me.

Boomama did a poll & that was the #1 on blogs. I saw a huge decline in the use of music after her findings were posted. I ended up reading several new blogs because they had gotten rid of their tuneage.

Does music on blogs bother anyone else? Or is it only us Boomama readers? Do you RSS your favorite blogs?


Anonymous said...

Amen to this! If I'm reading a blog and music kicks in, I'm out.

If you are bent on having music on your blog, go back to myspace.

Anonymous said...

None of my blog peeps have music on their blogs so that isn't a problem, yes I subscribe to all of them. It is so much easier...I like clicking on all it is more organic...but I don't have time to click and scan so bloglines is my new bff. I have missed you this past week (your last post) and I am really glad you are low on debt. That has been a prayer concern for a while now over on Monday prayer...yay. I am glad you are figuring that all out. Debt sucks.

Anonymous said...

When I flip to someones blog and I hear music, I can't stand's music you like, but not me. I find it offensive to my ears! :) I do find it humorous when people pick like Kenny Rogers songs though. At least it makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

i don't know, i might be on the fence w/ this. if it's music that i'm into for the moment anyway it's perfect. but there have def been moments where i turned my volume down. for some people it's a form of expression, just like their blog design etc. i have yet to hear some tunes from the killers. now that would seriously crack me up! right after i turned my volume down!

MCC said...

I love music in general, but when I'm just doesn't fit.

It's distracting. It's def. a myspace thing.

I notice it's either the younger crowd or church ladies.

I just move on to the next one. If the music is there next week...I delete their blog.

MCC said...

Becky - even though I dislike music on seemed to work on your blog. Maybe it's because I know your love of music...and mine too.

I rocked out for a few minutes while reading.