Monday, August 4, 2008

School's starting

School is starting in 9 days! 9 days!

I remember my first full school year here. I went to Walmart w/ my oldest to get her list & buy what she needed. We searched at Walmart's list kiosk & our school's list is missing. Not one of the kiosk's had it. I asked a passerby & they told me that at Penn, we don't buy school supplies.

HOORAY! No school supplies? That'll save me about $30 for the year. Yippee.

Then I get a letter from her school. With a list of items that THEY will provide...for a HUGE fee.

Cyra's first year was $150. They have us buy new books every year!! Every year!! Where do the old books go? That's what I wanna know.

This year Cyra's school fee is around $165. Kenady's is $95. Imagine if you had 5 kids in school. That could put some people in a very bad way considering our area has lost over 1500 jobs in the past month.

The school will allow you to make no interest payments until February. But seriously...I do not want to get in the habit of financing ANYTHING. Not even interest free school supplies.

Anyone else out there have the same sort of school supply fiasco?


Anonymous said...

Both my girls' school supplies are at around $200. Financing that from now till February means $70 a month. Ouch. I truly hate this. And WHY are we the "richest" school district? Where do our taxes go? Mine have more than doubled in two years.
Oh the joys of suburbia...

MCC said...

We planned for it this year. What we didn't plan for was our pump going out in the well. An ER visit. A dental issue.

Our savings is dwindling. School supply fees aren't helping.

Jen (a.k.a. motor mouth) said...

Thats alot for school supplies. I would rather buy them myself, but understand you can not. We spend about $50 for NIcholas' and $40 for Samantha.

Chase said...

Good going..! Well, WalMart is really a perfect store for school supplies shopping.

Lisa said...

Just did my school supplies on Tuesday. Probably $30 per kid at Walmart. We also have the book fees. I think they are $145 for 2nd Grade and $95 for Kindergarten. I was a bit shocked when I opened the bill.