Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eating Out

My family used to LOVE to eat out. Torero's at least once a week.

But since we've started eating healthier, my family gets tummy aches when we eat out.

It seems in Granger, folks eat out quite often. We get a Sam's Club pizza once / month. We substitute a casual sit down place maybe 4 times a year & a nice restaurant once a year. Well, and we grab fries from the drive thru once a week.

How often do you eat out w/ your family?


Tam said...

i love eating out. but if we do too much, i get sick. i start feeling sluggish and just, not good. oh, and we go broke(er)

Sarah Markley said...

we ate out last night, but it was kinda a different kind of night.

maybe once every 2 weeks??

Terrace Crawford said...

I eat out wayyy to much. I was eating out about 50% of the time but now its like %70. Busy life I guess. That and I have no family here.