Monday, October 27, 2008

Trunk or treating

We used to live in a small town & went to a church that skillfully protested trick or treating.

Our church rented a small fairground & filled it with fair type games. Darts & such. The prize for participating in each game was a candy or small toy. Everyone dressed up. It was a fun alternative to trick or treating. Too crowded, but fun for kids.

A neighboring church did trunk or treating. Their congregation would sign up to hand out candy from their trunks to kids in the community. They had a decorating contest to see who in the church could come up w/ the best themed trunk. One year my SIL did Christmas. Blow ups, lights the works. I didn't get to see it, but knowing her I'm sure it was amazing.

Here's my gripe about trunk or treating... isn't it just luring kids w/ candy to a stranger's car?

I know the intent is different. But the concept is the same. And in the mind of a 5 year old there is no difference.

I also question the lessons taught by going to ANY stranger's house asking for candy. We only visit people we know.

What do you all do on Halloween?


=)Bnpositive said...

With trunk or treating, isn't everyone's car who's participating a member or known attender of the church that's hosting it? I believe that's the trust factor that's involved and if it's a concern of parents that explanation should be pretty easy to translate to kids.

MCC said...

Are you saying that church folks are always good folks? I disagree.

Everyone is welcome at church. Sex offenders included.

And to explain to kids..."it's ok to take candy from a stranger in this situation, but not this situation" gives a highly mixed message.

Kids understand this: it's ok to compromise when you want to have fun.

The Bagenski Family said...

I'm struggling with this for the first time this year. We started going back to church over the summer and I've really changed a lot in that time. We are starting slow with the "good" costumes, no more scarey stuff. I can't give up the tot'ing tho. It's in my blood to do it and the kids love it so much. I think it's our responsibilty as parents to know our children well enough that we know just the right things to say to make it clear that this is a special night and these are special circumstances for knocking on stranger's doors and taking candy from anyone. Also there is the traditional "go through the candy" hour afterwards to look for opened, mangled or suspicious looking "treats". There IS always a risk of this holiday, I completely agree, but in our strive to protect our children we must not cross the line of OVER-protecting them. It's a family choice on how to celebrate any holiday though. As for us, we'll be tot'ing early, getting our sugar high, and praying for our safety and the safety of our friends! Love you! B

MCC said...

Becky - I understand the love of trick or treating.

We don't do it just because I end up eating ALL THE CANDY!

But the TRUNK or treating by a church as a community outreach is ridiculous. Let's invite children to take candy from strangers out of the trunk of their car as a ministry. Who thought of that one?

The Bagenski Family said...

A man. I'm sure of it.

Tam said...

before i got to this part...

"Here's my gripe about trunk or treating... isn't it just luring kids w/ candy to a stranger's car?"

i was thinking the same thing.

yup. i think this can send a wrong message to the kiddos.

i find it fascinating that we try each year to replace traditional halloween with something else. we, as a family do it too, but isnt it still participation?