Friday, November 14, 2008

Rodney Atkins & Winston Churchill knew what they were talking about.

This song describes the passed 4 months of my life. Trying not to slow down...


Jen (a.k.a. motor mouth) said...

I knew it was that song without even playing it :)
How are you holding up? Keep meaning to call, but get side tracked. I have been praying though! How'd Ross' interview go?
Sounds exicting that you'll be on TV, how'd you get that gig? Maybe it's God's timing in helping with food?

darla said...

This is one of daughters favorite song...wanted to visit...since seeing you lots on Tam!'s blog..

Chad Markley said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my post! I need to dig through your posts and catch up on what is going on in your family. If this song is any indicator, you guys are in a rough patch!!

I know I am gonna lose my "Redneck Badge" but....this is my first time hearing this song! This guys totally rocks!

Tam said...

chad, its my first time too. and i must love mandy mucho to listen to some real country music :D

my thought was...if im gonna go through hell, id much rather this singer dude be there too. i mean, HELL-OH!