Wednesday, November 5, 2008

She's passionate...I'll give her that...

This morning Cyra woke up early to get online & see who had won the election. She was rooting for McCain even though most of her friends were rooting for Obama. One friend in particular, she was very surprised about. She said "I thought we believed the same things."

Cyra's explanation for supporting McCain was that the Govt doesn't have the heart of Jesus to be able to care for old & poor people. She also said that she was against sucking the brains out of helpless babies.


So last night she was rummaging through the newspapers, searching for a picture of Obama. I asked her "what for?" She wanted to make a collage w/ a big red X through Obama's face to put in her folder at school. Just to irk her friends.

I let her know that in the morning we would have a new president either way. And out of respect for that man, and those who voted for him, she shouldn't be hurtful. Not to him or to her friends.

It was a good lesson in loving others. To not alienate yourself from others who don't believe the same things as you do.

I don't agree w/ Obama's ideals. I never will...unless they become WAY more conservative. But I do believe God can use anyone to do His will.

He's used me.


Brad Ruggles said...

Yeah, Chloe, my oldest, was pretty passionate about this election too. It's a great opportunity to talk about voting your values but still honoring those that God sets in authority.

Heather Stevens said...

i agree..about your whole post..i wrote a post on it too.
hope ur having a good week!

Tam said...

kassidi is pretty sad about the outcome, mostly because of the abortion issue.

ya know. the thing i loved most about cyra was her feisty'ness. (dont know how to spell that) she's awesome!

Disney Scrapper said...

I appreciate and respect our different feelings on this issue. Thank you for your honesty.