Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Craig's List

I am a total ebay fanatic. I sell stuff all the time! One of my friends suggested I try Craig's list. You can list for free...who doesn't like free?

I listed several things on there this weekend. My fourwheeler, Ross's truck, our trailer. I was so excited to get an email a few days ago about the trailer. They wanted to know if it was still available. I responded quickly and looked up the person's name on my nationwide database. They live in GA. The language from the email was kind of weird, but we figured he was some foreign car collector, by the way he spoke. He offered full price. He would send the cashier's check and when it cleared the bank, we would wire the shipping money to the shipping company and they would pick it up at our doorstep. Not actually our doorstep, but at Ross's work.

I decided to look up more info on transactions made through Craig's List. It seems that this type of arrangement is common, but not safe. People from Nigeria arrange these types of transactions. You wire the money and then weeks later, the bank discovers the check is a fraud. Aren't these the same people who did that lottery scam?

Anyway, seems I still have a trailer for sale. Ding dong it!

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