Monday, November 12, 2007

It's tradition

My daughter & I are part of an organization, we'll call them the Girl Sprouts. =) Every year the Sprout troops raise money for activities & service projects. We need around $1500 for the year. The girls parents do pay a small amount in dues, but the rest is earned by selling cookies. The girls plan their sales pitch. The learn selling safety. They also figure out sales goals based on their projects. Some of this year's activities include:
2 campouts
Sponsoring a troop in Iraq of young women
Making plates for the local firefighters
Homemade dog biscuits for the humane society
Sock hop
And many many others......

Girl Sprout cookies are a tradition. People buy them because they are a limited item, they taste good, and who could resist those sweet faces. The problem this year is that there are SO MANY Sprouts in my neighborhood. Someone pulled their kid out of school early on the first selling day, in order to hit the neighborhood before anyone else could. Frustrating to say the least. Mostly because I didn't think of it first. Just kidding.

The troops goal this year is 1500 boxes. Cyra's personal goal is 136 boxes. We only have 41 so far. If any of you locals want some, let me know. I haven't met all of you in person and this might be a fun way. The choices are:

Lemon Chalet Cremes - vanilla cookie with lemon creme filling (new)
Trefoils - shortbread
Do-Si-Dos - crunchy oatmeal with peanut butter creme filling
Samoas - vanilla cookie, topped with caramel, coconut & chocolate
All Abouts - shortbread cookie dipped in chocolate (new shape)
Sugar Free Chocolate Chip - need I say more?
Tagalongs - vanilla cookie topped with peanut butter, dipped in chocolate
Thin Mints - THE most popular cookie

I've been told that they all freeze extremely well. I wouldn't know personally because they never make it that long at my house.

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