Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm back

Thanks so much for all of the messages and prayers. It's awesome to come home to such a warm reception.

Dad is doing awesome. He followed Dr. Nguyen's (pronounced Win) instructions to the "T". He was up walking a few days ago and even did a few stairs! I was so impressed with his ability to actually rest. In fact that was the topic at our old church on Sunday morning. He rested a lot those first 2 days and then he took to the hallways for his therapy.

It was nice to spend some quiet time with him. I watched him sleep a lot. I got to know some amazing nurses. I taught them to salsa in the hallway during the patients nap time. The trip was an overall success.

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Michelle Wegner said...

Rob's dad just went through all of this a few months ago. It was very scarey for us, but we were blown away at what the medical community did for him, and how well he is doing now. Glad your dad is doing better!