Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oregon trip

Today is going to be filled with laundry, cooking meals for the weekend and packing. I'm heading to the airport at 7 tomorrow morning, and I'm going to be in Oregon at about 1 pm PST.

My Dad's heart surgery was pushed back another day because of his meds. He'll go in Thursday morning and should be done right as I arrive at PDX. I ended up going to PDX because of the cost difference. I booked one of those last minute Travelocity deals. It was $492 including a rental car vs. the $690 for a flight only (last minute).

I feel bad leaving Ross on such short notice. Normally when I leave him, I've had weeks to prepare additional meals that he can take out of the freezer and make easily. This time I'm leaving him with all 3 girls and haven't had time to prepare a thing. Today is that day of preparation. Along with finishing up costumes for tonights trick or treating.

I can't even fathom what 5 days w/ out my family will be like. I'm not sure I'll know how to behave w/ out them. Do I even remember how to converse with adults. We'll see.........

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DC Curry said...

Be safe...Your dad is in our prayers.