Thursday, October 4, 2007

10/4 Good Buddy!

When I was little my Mom didn't seem to care about her birthday. She went about doing her household duties; running to the store to grab milk; dropping off dry-cleaning. I never understood why. I thought she should decorate the house, bake a beautiful cake, and do whatever she wanted ALL DAY!

I always think about my Mom on my birthday. We used to spend the whole month of September and half of October celebrating it. Shopping, lunch, movies.....whatever.

Well today being my birthday, guess what I'm doing all day? Household chores. I would love to go to dinner instead of cooking. I would love a cake from McDonald's instead of baking one myself. I'd really love to go shopping. Sadly, birthdays seem overrated now. Kids get so excited. Adults get depressed. I am by no means depressed. I don't feel a day over 21 (I'm 31 today). But, I don't feel like celebrating. At least not anything bigger than dinner out. I guess that comes with old age.

Great. Next my hips or knees will give out. Then comes blue hair & depends.

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