Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kids have great minds

The family was having a great conversation last night. We were telling the girls about our differents heritages. Part of Ross's family was Native American, some Scandanavian. My family was English, French........and who knows what else?!

Ross told the girls that his Great Grandfather (Ross) changed their last name. It used to be Cornforth (Thanks Papa for changing it!). Cyra thought it was funny and said "Wait, are you saying I'm part vegetable?" "No actually, I believe corn is in the grain family, because it's a seed." She replied with "Great, so you're saying I'm a seed AND a fraction."

Aren't kids the best? They have such fantastic minds.

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Rai said...

Kids are so literal! I can hear her say that too ;o) Savannah is hitting that dramatic, talk with your hands, Vanna White like mannerisms too. And, of course she hates to be laughed at, but sometimes the things they do are sooo funny.