Monday, October 15, 2007

Wasted time

On Sunday morning I was scheduled to attend a Children's Ministry meeting at GCC. I was told about it weeks ago and made to understand that it was important to attend. There was a packet of info to turn in so they could do a background check.

The meeting was to start at 10:30. Tardiness being my pet peeve, I was there at 10:15. There was another gentleman there. A firefighter who got convinced by his wife to work in the nursery (I think this woman wants a baby!). We waited while MANY people passed us heading into the sanctuary. Church staff even went into the conference room where the meeting was held, but locked the door behind them. We assumed they just weren't ready for us yet. I'm sure by now, you guys would have all gotten it........there was no meeting.

Finally at 10:50 I went to the front desk and asked about it. The meeting had been canceled because of the series on volunteering they're doing right now. They decided to have one after the series is over. Nobody told us.

Seems that scheduling events is hard when you have so many people to account for. There was a mix-up several weeks ago w/ our Financial Peace class co-inciding w/ another volunteer opportunity.

The woman told us that there would be another volunteer training on Tuesday. "What about Financial Peace classes on Tuesday" I asked. "Those were finished weeks ago." she replied. "No, we still have several weeks left." I said. "Oh, well maybe there won't be one on Tuesday."

Anyway, I just headed back home. It was only 60 minutes out of my day. Hopefully I can make the next one........when they figure out the schedule conflicts.

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