Thursday, October 11, 2007

I have a temper

Tonight was church. I lost it w/ Kenady's teacher.

My girls bring their bibles to church. I want them to start young with a good routine of reading scripture. Although I know they don't read them during service, I just want them to be in good habits. The teacher usually just puts them on the counter to pick up on our way out.

Tonight at pick up, Kenady couldn't find hers. I went in and looked EVERYWHERE with help from the teachers! The head teacher said "We discourage kids from bringing things from home." I replied w/ a bit of a sarcasm "It was a Bible." She repeated "We discourage kids from bring things from home." I replied "I'm surprised that this church would discourage kids from bringing in their bibles." I thanked them for helping me look for it and left. She walked away angrily.

When I came out of the classroom, I told Ross what happened and that I was a little ticked at what she had said. She came out at the same time and made an off hand comment and wanted me to come back downstairs so we could talk about it with Jeannie (she's in charge). I came back down and she swore up and down that she didn't say that. "Then what did you say?" "I didn't say that." We went round and round about the subject. "I'm not upset about the bible being lost, I'm upset that you said not to bring it." It ended in denial, rudeness, tears and her throwing "acting like Christians" in our face.

I ended up apologizing for my over reaction. I know she didn't mean to say it that way. At least I hope she didn't. Even though she's a paid worker, it is a church and I'm sure she knows that the Bible is a key part of it! We walked upstairs and started looking for Kenady's bible. She either left it by the computers or someone may have put it there instead of returning it to the proper classroom. But, either way we found it. To be honest, I was surprised anything could get lost in that room. It's meticulous. Everything has its place. GCC is extremely organized even in their kids' rooms.

I still think the teacher lumped the Bible in with "things from home." And I still take offense to that. But I understand that it's hard to keep track of 35 kids especially if they all brought something. It may be a job for her and not where her heart leads her to serve. I wasn't a very good example of a loving person tonight. I realized that I really have a temper! How come none of you ever told me?

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rai said...

Your temper is only fired up when it's something you feel passionate about, and while it may have caused you to have a reactiont that wasn't quite what we would like to represent ourselves, it was only because you feel so passionately about your faith, your kids, and building their faith. Your temper is mild in comparison to mine, heck it takes far less than that to set me off, and I have a LONG ways to go in curbing my reactions.