Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cleaning my office

After reading Terrace's thoughts on clutter, I decided to tackle my office once again.

Ok, the truth is I can't find 2 very important documents.
1. Kenady's birth certificate so she can start school.
2. Passports.
Arghhh...what could I have done with them? I have a vital records file folder, why isn't it bursting at the seams with vital records?

I hate to rebuy the birth certificate ($15 each), but the passports are almost out dated so that's not such a big deal. Plus I'm not heading out of the country anytime soon.

I am however DESPERATE to send a kid to school!


MCC said...

I found the passports and Kenady's birth certificate. Although now I can't find Campbell's birth certificate

Jen Cook said...

I can't find the notes from nicholas's class mate and ones he was passing in class. I've been looking for them since december. I put them in a "safe" place. I am just hoping to find that place, and hope they didn't accidentally get recycled :(

Heather Stevens said...

What? You don't want Kenady to stay at home with you?? the rest of your life? :). I think you're safe with Cambell's, she's not going to school anytime soon:). Good luck finding it though!!