Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

I absolutley LOVE Disneyworld. We had such a blast on our last trip in April. The kids were 7, 4, and 1.

We purchased our package with the dining plan. It was so worth it, but it would have been easy to waste all that food. My tip? In your extra suitcase (don't we all bring one for souveniers) pack with you a box of snack size plastic baggies and a bunch of Mickey Mouse paper party plates (Walmart). Each kids' meal comes with an entree and 2 sides (grapes, carrots etc) dessert, and a drink. It is way too much food. Sometimes our little ones can all 3 share a meal. I use the paper plates in this situation. That way they each get a cute plate! They don't take up much space in my day bag and it sure saves me credits (or $) over the period of a week.

The baggies are great for carrying those grapes or carrots around for a later snack.
Hasn't it happened where you are in line at It's a small world and a kid says "I'm hungry"? Pull out your baggie of grapes and keep your precious spot in line.

The 2 things have made our trips to Disneyland & Disney World cheaper and much more enjoyable.

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SAHMmy Says said...

Great idea! We go to Disneyland several times a year. Just discovered the Toddler Meal. It's available in several restaurants around the Park and comes with either a cup of mac and cheese or rice and chicken (just one offered, depends on restaurant) plus milk (soda, juice or water by request) and sealed applesauce cup for $2.99. We also found out that in Toontown at Daisy's Kitchen they offer pizza with a small cup of marinated veggies for 6.99 but you can order the pizza a la carte for just $5.69 (not advertised.)

Anonymous said...

I also took baggies with me and had no idea why but after the first dining plan meal, I KNEW. I am with you . . . The kids ate the grapes and carrots and all all throughout the day. It was great.
That is what I tell anybody who goes. Take baggies! I also took an entire box of bandaids and neosporin and we used every last one!

Heart of Wisdom said...

What a great idea.
Thanks for sharing

Kimberly said...

Thanks for commenting on my post yesterday!
Like your post, too. I am the Queen of Ziplocks. I have literally EVERY size of ziplock bags, from snack to 5 gallon :-)
Your girls sound so cute; read a few older posts and just had to giggle, especially at Kenady's misunderstanding "hit the groove" Too funny!
My son and his new wife moved to Elkhart in August and go to a church in Granger.

MCC said...

Kimberly - where does your brother go to church. We attend GCC in Granger. Always looking for families to befriend.

Heather Stevens said...

Aww! Kenady's hair!! I love it!!