Thursday, March 20, 2008

I love the Beatles

I really, really do. I've mentioned before some of my favorite Beatles (group or solo) songs.

I have to say that I was absolutely bored with the American Idol shows this week. And that's saying a lot for a die hard Beatles fan. I only sat through 1....yes 1! entire song. Gotta love tivo.

David Cook rocked, David Archuletta was cute, Brooke White is consistent, Carly Smithson sang a great song...the rest can go as far as I'm concerned. How many more weeks do we have of this?

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Heather Stevens said...

I loved whoever sang that 'sun' song (can't remember the title, but she had on a yellow sun dress and Simon said it was predictable that she would wear that) I also liked 'Help' (I think that's what it's called) Was that sang this week? I just remember singing along to it. I know all these songs from the Beetles Christmas series! otherwise I wouldn't know them:) I love 'em!
I agree though, the singers weren't that great, I like David Cook and David Archeletta (of course:)) Do your girls like David A.? :):)
I hope I see you guys at church tomorrow! I haven't seen any of you in 4EVER!