Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Too conservative?

I know it's important to be conservative. One of our pastors (can't remember which one) spoke about how men have a mental rolodex of women's images in their mind. Remember - the Home Depot girl story?

I see a lot of young girls wearing really short skirts or really low rise jeans. Although they have the body for it, most are inappropriate in my mind and should be outlawed for those over 29 no matter how fit they are.

Swimsuits are another area whre modesty tends to be thrown out the window. Last year at Disney there was a girl with VERY low string bikini bottoms on. I swear I saw crack several times. And her top was only as big as an eye patch. As Heather would say "I saw pepperoni!"

I started to think that maybe I'm too conservative. Then I saw this. I can't believe people buy these things. I'm all for modesty, but not when it intereferes with comfort or activity level. And seriously...are the women in the ad smiling? For real? If you look closely do you see them on the verge of laughter. Yeah, I think you do.


Jen Cook said...

I think I'll buy you one for your birthday before your next diney trip!!!
I can't believe people actually buy those!!!!!!

MCC said...

I'd fit right in if the hotel theme was the "flappin 30's". People would think I was a cast member.

I found that suit through a conservative woman's blog. It was her new swim suit. She could only swim in the pool at night and in one of those so that men wouldn't look at her.

Honey - wearing that, I'd be surprised if your husband ever looked at you again.