Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dancing with the "stars"

I emailed DC Curry over a week ago to ask him if the rumors of his new hobby were true. He didn't respond, but I got confirmation (other than my secret source of course)today.

He seriously has the best female partner in our area. Good luck DC - Can't wait to see what happens...and it's all for a great cause.


Heather Stevens said...

ha Kenady's so funny! all your girls are...Whenever you right about them (it's usually funny) I laugh out loud and Hunter's like "what? Why are you laughing?"
Hey...when is Kenady's birthday?? (when are your other girls too) is it april 9th?? or the 12th? I can't remember :{. Is she still in love with Hannah Montanna? Or has she moved on?

I will see you tomorrow at church! (??)

Heather Stevens said...

DC is dancing with the stars?? WHAT??

Heather Stevens said...

ha never mind :) I found him:):)

DC Curry said...

YES it's true! hahaha, i haven't decided how i want to blog about it so I have just been procrastinating hahaha.

So funny that you found out though! It's going to be so fun, Amy is AMAZING so i'll try to keep up!