Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

I have 3 little girls at home and one of the things that worries me is a house fire. We all sleep on the second floor (at least for now), and I worry about them getting out quickly. Of course we have a plan and a meeting place, but I still worry about them getting out safely.

One of my main concerns is the fact that they're wearing next to nothing and have bare feet. My solution is to keep a pair of slip on shoes under their bed. Keep them a little large so they are easy to get on. This is really easy for those of us with all the same sex children....hand me downs are the best!

I make sure they aren't really cute ones because then they'll want to wear them all the time. I feel better knowing that if something were to happen they could slip them on quickly, and run downstairs or climb the window ladder safely without stepping on something hot and burning their precious feet.

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Laane said...

I have a bag hanging ready with a pair of hand me down trousers their size, and a sweater.
Whenever something happens they can throw it outside and pull the clothes on when they're out of the house.

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Have a great week and an amazing spring!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your great tip.

To go along with antoher post in this works for me wednesday, I am going to keep a full change of clothes and shoes in the trunk for emergencies.