Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I see SO many people in the blog world talk about being "authentic'. People throw that word around without really understanding it's meaning (probably myself included).

It does not mean "This is who I am. You get what you get. If you don't like it, sorry...it's just me."

The definition is "made or done the same way as an original". Whom do we think the original is?

Is it really "authentic" to have a foul mouth because "It's just who I am".."I'm being authentic"

Mark Beeson once said that "We should love folks right were there are, but too much to leave them there."

Isn't THAT authentic? Made in His image...doing what He would do.

I'm ALL for accepting people's flaws, but should we really call that authenticity?


tattood1 said...

It's very much a "buzz" word and has been for awhile. I guess I view "authenticity" as...I dunno...being true to who you are or what your life is?
I think a lot of "christian bloggers" make it appear that life is perfect - no faults - no bed thoughts - bad days ect... I don't think that's authentic.
I think the other stuff "that's who I am" when used in the examples you gave - are just excuses to do what you want.

That's my 2 pennies.

Tam said...

Good 2 pennies T!

i think the, "thats just the way i am" line, is a crutch.

there are many areas in my life where i've become complacent and comfortable using that as an excuse. not ok.

whats authentic...is recognizing where i fall short of His purposes then striving to rise above and out of those shortcomings.

hmmm...make sense?

MCC said...

You guys are totally right.

I've really struggled recently w/ bloggers I've met (in real life or in chat session)that claim to be "authentic". Not that I expected them to be perfect or anything..but certainly not what I ended up seeing or hearing.

And don't worry, I don't mean either of you two..in case you were wondering.

World's Greatest Mommy said...

You, know I don't know how to be authentic. I've never really thought about it, but I love your connection between striving to be more like the "original".

I guess if I'm being authentic, then I'm imperfect at best. I have bad days, good days, and super-spectacular days. I'm in training to be something better. But I'm not quite there yet.

MCC said...

greatest mommy - if you were perfect..you'd be Jesus.

I'm just trying to avoid making excuses for my poor behavior by saying "it's just me, take it or leave it."

Like a Mustard Seed said...

Hi there - I think it's an interesting point that you've brought up. I'll add my 2 cents to the conversation, I think being someone who grew up a non-christian living in the world and walking in darkness blind to the truth, then at the age of 19 coming to a place of understanding and believe in Jesus, the world became very different to me. Most importantly, when I started going to church I longed to be in a family, like God spoke about in His word and the example of the love Jesus reflected towards the broken, which I am.

Today, when I use and desire for autenticity, what I'm saying (and you're right I think that this word's definition gets changed based on how someone would choose to use it to fit their point/purposes) is I've been surrounded by "christians" who are unable to talk about the sin, the struggle, the fears, the doubts etc. that they have or have walked through, theres like all these unspoken rules about what a good christian is suppose to act like, talk like, think about, etc. It seemst to be the normal, to be sweet, and calm, and to use nice tones, and to talk about the weather, and or your children, etc. When my husband and I use the word seeking for authentic fellowship, it means taking off the mask, being vulnerable, not tolerating sin or inappropriate/hindering behavior. But how do you get to true fellowship, if you can't talk about your imperfection? I think it is sad that the this word is tossed around as it is, but I hope my 2 cents at least sheds some light on a positive note. Hope to talk more with you in coming days. In HIM ~ Heather

john said...

It is about as meaningful a word as the phrase- which I can't stand- "keeping it real." What is authentic? What is real? The words are so broad as to almost lose meaning in most of the instances where they are used.

Anonymous said...

oh oh, pick me, pick me. I totally just had an idea yesterday on this very thing. Okay, maybe not on authenticity...but maybe. So I was thinking about not liking my husband...or my mom or my friends. Not that I don't like-like them...but that sometimes it is like "GRRRRR!" you know? Then I was praying about how to love them COMPLETELY in spite of myself and in spite of how I feel and in spite of their situation and mine and then God was like "Duh! That is love." I was like "Oh...got it".

And that is Kristi's idea on authenticity for Wednesday.

Tam said...

ok. i heart kristi!

i like her answer and revelation!