Thursday, July 3, 2008

Family night.

This week's family night was much more serious than our usual ones. Our theme was "Family Board Meeting." And sorry, I was way too busy to snap pics. =(

After dinner we sat at our long table and had a "Caste your vision meeting" We talked about what our vision is for our family nights. We decided it's to make us closer & have fun with each other.

Next we did a "build each other up" game. Dad started by throwing a "stuffie" to someone he wanted to compliment. Then they threw it to someone THEY wanted to compliment. We probably went around the whole table at least 3 times. Dad made me cry w/ his was so sweet. =)

Next we started creating our Family Mission Statement. Dr. Stephen Covey describes this as an important part of creating a strong Family . It will probably take us a few weeks to write, but here are our notes:

Money - be good stewards, tithe, no debt

Physical - excercise so we'll live a long life, feel good too, eat healthy, moderation

Intellectual - be willing to learn from each other, mentors, books, bible...take time to read.

Emotional - home is a safe place to talk about anything, honesty, trustworthy

Social - be a good neighbor, choose friends wisely, invest in quality friendships, show people the love of God

Family - once a year vacation (or staycation), when we're all at home we're spending time together(not at opposite ends of the house), we stand up for each other, kinds words to or about each other, show respect & have manners, respect & take care of our home & stuff, HAVE FUN.

The girls did a great job coming up w/ stuff that was important to them in our family. I was quite impressed. I have been waiting to do this until they could have more input.

When we're done writing the final draft, we'll have it printed & framed for our home. I'll post it then too!


amberWIRE said...

Hi Mandy! That Family Vision thing is really cool. Thanks for sharing, and for inspiring me to do stuff like that with my family...someday...when I have kids. :o)

Jen (a.k.a. motor mouth) said...

Mandy- You are doing such a great job raising your daughters and investing in your marriage. I'm proud of you! It's fun to see the little girl (ok, all of 15) you once were turn into an incredible wife mother and friend.
so, where are we going on our 1st girls week?

natedavidscott said...

looking forward to the end results. i need to do this with my family too

Lisa said...

What a wonderful experience for your girls. I hope we can do that with our boys too - once they can actually have input. We did things like that growing up and I think it helped us be closer as a family.

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish you had pictures. Sounds like fun. H

Sean said...

Great job Mandy! My pastor did a great sermon series, called Fantastic Families. I believe taking info from Covey, lotta great stuff!

Sean (sdsims1972)

Mark Meyer said...


Thanks for sharing- so few families or people seem to push into actually making a plan. You guys are on the cutting edge! Need to talk to your hubs to get him out on the golf course soon...

World's Greatest Mommy said...

Oh wow! I read about creating a mission statement for our family, but kept putting it off. I think it's time to revisit it.

This is wonderful. Your kids are so blessed to have you both as parents.

Ross said...

This is awesome. We need to review this when were all together again. I Love You.