Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family night.

Last night's family night was so much fun. We invited Kem Meyer & Mark Meyer (along w/ their kiddos) over for the event.

We started off w/ some chips & pureed frog skin & frog guts (salsa & guaco). We drank pond scum (7up & sherbert).

For dinner we had frog legs (chick tenders) swamp sludge (green mashed potatoes & green gravy) & lilly pads (salad). Dessert was a scoop of green ice cream w/ junior mints & gummy lifesavers for eyes. Kem's daughter doesn't like ice cream so we also had sugar cookies...but she did end up eating the ice cream too. =)
For fun, we made origami jumping frogs. Where I was accused of rigging the instructions so mine would be the only one that jumped. THEY WERE WRONG!

Then the kids played a frog throwing game. I laid out 3 lilly pads about 8 feet away & they had to try & get the frogs ON the plate.
The kids ended the night w/ some pool splashing.

The cost for the night was a little more than normal, but I had been saving on previous nights to compensate. We were at about $32.

It was so much fun to share our family night w/ others. We'll have to do that more often!

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Sean said...

Hi Mandy, very cool family night! Just a question, how is that family mission statement working out that you mentioned a while ago?

MCC said...

It's actually going ok. We are wanting to make sure it's right for more than just "right now" we're still tweaking things.

I want it to be a constant guideline of how our family will conduct it's self.

Can't wait to have it printed & framed!!

John said...

"We started off w/ some chips & pureed frog skin & frog guts (salsa & guaco). We drank pond scum (7up & sherbert)."

Is there a reason for the gross food names?

MCC said...

Yes - it's all theme related.

The kids (9,5,2) think it's hilarious. And the grown ups get cool points for their creativity.

And by grownups, I mean me. =)

We had a blast!!

Lisa said...

Awesome.... I keep reading about the wonderful family nights that some of the bloggers do. It makes me want to do it, but haven't taken the leap (no pun intended) yet. :)

Anonymous said...

So creative. I love the mashed potatoes! SO great! H

Widney Woman said...

Fun and colorful! Love the ice cream idea.

Abby said...

Extra creative points for the gross food names! Way to go! I love the frog theme, I think we are going to have a monkey theme soon.