Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday Setlist Carnival

OK - so although I'm not in the paid ministry, I seem to be in this large circle of pastors & worship leaders on the blogosphere. Hence my post about our worship setlist last week.

Fred McKinnon is starting a new weekly carnival called Sunday Setlist. We post on our own blog the worship setlist & then link back to him.

This is going to be a great way for folks to share ideas!! Great idea Fred.

GCC this weekend used these songs to bring their attendees closer to God:

Heaven Come Down (Robbie Seay Band)
The Heavens Declare Your Greatness (Lincoln Brewster)

Where is the Love? (Black Eyed Peas)
Resistance (Aaron Neiquist) I was convinced I was going to hate this song (it ended the service)I'm so glad I was wrong. AMAZING!! It got a standing ovation at the Sat. 7:30 service.

Here is the link to the service. Go down to the Power AROUND you service and click watch on the right! It was awesome. Jason Miller knocked it out of the park!!!

P.S. - I love that the guitarist is wearing a TWLOHA t-shirt & Dustin (the drummer) is wearing pink.

P.P.S. - check out the new "commercial" for our upcoming series about change. Hysterical.


Fred McKinnon said...

A kazillion thanks for doing this - it's an awesome example of how someone "off-paid-staff" can still recap what's happening .. and as far as I know, we don't have anyone posting from Grainger.

I really do appreciate you jumping in!

God bless,

Gary Durbin said...

I love the idea of bringing familiar tunes from artist like the Black Eyed Peas into the church for a certain purpose. I can be so relatable.

Steve said...

I just started watching your service from last week and am digging the music. You have a great band!

Do you always open with an instrumental jam like that? I *LOVED* that!

I'd have never considered in a million years doing a Black Eyed Peas song in Church - that song has a great message. Does the congregation actually sing along, though?