Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hepatitis song

Does anyone remember that Public Service Announcement about Hepatitis that used to air in the early 80's?

It's been stuck in my head for weeks. I'm hoping by "singing" it on the blog, it will somehow stop.

Here goes

Hepatitis has some symptoms we should learn to recognize.
Like fever, feeling very tired & loss of appetite.
Your tummy hurts, you feel real sick, you will not eat a bite.
Your eyes sometimes turn yellow where they only should be white.

So wash your hands after going to the bathroom.
Wash your hands after changing babies too.
Cuz we don't wanna catch hepatitis.
And we don't want hepatitis to catch you

There I feel better now. BTW - I tried to find this on video for you all, so you could get it stuck in YOUR head for weeks get the tune, but no such luck.

UPDATE: Big thanks to PSPam for forwarding this vid to me. At about 1 min 50 sec you will hear the best Public Service Announcement ever created. It's not the original (obviously), but you'll get the gist.


PSPam said...

About 1 min 50 secs into it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! Someone else who has that blasted Hepatitis song stuck in their head. You're lucky. For some reason, that jingle has been kicking around my brain for 20+years. I am on a night shift, humming it and thought, what the hell, let me see if I can get online and find the lyrics to this cursed song. Good luck purging yourself of this 'cleansing tune'.
JB (

Mighty Quinn Musings said...

Haha - I remember this jingle from my childhood growing up in Northern Arizona. I still sing it to my children and my 25 year old daughter, who has never heard the original, now has the song stuck in her head. I was hoping to find a video to show it to her but alas, the link to the video is dead.

Anonymous said...

Was just looking for the video myself. Dang song. Can't ever say "Wash your hands" without that blasted song ripping through your brain. Glad I am not the only one!