Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve Service

Warning - for those who don't want to hear my opinion about Christmas Eve service at GCC, click the back arrow now.

It's not a secret that I was pumped for the Let It Be Christmas series that GCC did this December. They did a great job tying in Beatles songs to their message. But I have to say that parts of the Christmas Eve service disappointed me.

First, the good things. The Culps rock! They did a great job explaining how to hold / blow out the candle. Yes, these things can be difficult when you consider the ages / intelligence in a room of 2000. It was very funny.

Hey Jude started off rock, but ended up being good. The back up singers on the sides of the room were a little quiet, but a nice touch.

They were also able to slide in Blackbird! The kite thing was cool, a little artsy, but cool. Angie & Kim have the most amazing voices EVER!

The best thing all night was Let It Be. I was ruined 30 seconds into the song. Tears streaming down my face. My shoulders started to do that know that thing that shoulders do when you cry really hard. I think Kenady was a little worried about me.

Decided to erase the parts I didn't like - it's not important enough to cause hurt feelings.

I saw Dustin & Allsion Brown at Wal-mart today and asked them what they thought. I really like Dustin's idea. "What if next Christmas, they put Mark Beeson on stage... it's totally dark with a bright lamp shining over him and he reads the Christmas story?" Any of you who have heard him speak, you know THAT would be inspirational.

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