Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Krispy Kreme

We had to go the the Girl Sprout bank today. I had 45 checks to deposit...it was going to take awhile. Kenady noticed the Krispy Kreme "Hot Now" sign lit up. She cunningly asked "If we are good while you're at the bank, can we get a free doughnut?" How can I say no to doughnuts or free?

Of course, they were angels. Not a peep out of them. We get in the car and drive the 100 feet to Krispy Kreme. Kenady runs in and asks for her free doughnut. "We don't give out free doughnuts anymore honey?" What!?! When did that happen? "April" she tells us.

It's sad, one of my least / most guilty pleasures taken away. I had convinced myself that consuming the 200 calorie original glazed was somehow ok because it was free.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick memo, the calorie count on a krispy creme is over 500 calories.... so I guess it's good you didn't eat one :)

A friend of mine has a friend who studies caloric intake on foods, and used to work at krispy kreme.

MCC said...

The website claims 200. That sounds better.