Monday, December 3, 2007

Power outage

We lost our power on Saturday night. We came home from church at about 9:15 and from Goodwill on......darkness. Icey roads and darkness. We pulled up to our house and no Christmas lights. We get inside and prepare girls for bed. They brushed their teeth with bottled water, went potty but did not flush and snuggled down with footie pajamas and an extra blanket. They were ready for a night without heat.

I went downstairs and emptied out the fridge into a box and put it in the garage. No need for a's freezing outside. Ross & I lit a few candles, then sat in front of the fireplace and closed our eyes. It was so quiet. Perfect time to head up for some well deserved (and lacking) sleep.

The kids were too afraid to get out of their blankets. The phone wasn't ringing. No wash machine buzzing. About an hour later the power flashed back on! Neither of us could believe just how noisy the appliances are in the house. The fridge started going. The appliances all beeped at us. Our clean air system kicked on. The basement tv was blaring the football game that Ross had paused before we left. It was almost deafening after the silence we were enjoying.

Of course it was only 10:00 and now that the power was back on I could catch up on my Tivo.

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