Saturday, December 29, 2007

A promise is a promise

I know, I know, I promised I would one day share with you a bit of my OCD behaviors. Here goes:

I count my steps. When I'm walking on the side walk, I MUST take 3 steps within every concrete break. I'll adjust my stride depending on the size of the square. I also count steps. While walking up or down. I thought it started off as a routine for kids. Going to bed, we count 14 steps up etc. (see above pic) But a few months ago I remembered that I used to count my parent's stairs as well. I also used to count the ceiling beams in my room, tiles on the floor. Sometimes I still count backwards from 100 to go to sleep. I heart numbers.

The hardest part of my OCD to control is the typing. As someone talks to me or writes me, I type what they say. Not literally, but in my head. Although sometimes I catch my fingers moving. Can you say carpal tunnel? I do my best to make sure that the key strokes are equal on each side. If you were to say "My dog has fleas." I would type 5 letters on the right hand and 9 on the left hand (the M is capitalized & I don't do punctuation) Of course that would frustrate me because they aren't even. In a matter of seconds I can figure out a way to even it up. Don't ask my how, it would take too long to explain. Nevertheless, it has served me well. When I meet someone and they tell me their name....I do not forget. They can tell me their phone number and I won't forget. I mean for YEARS! My friends still call me and ask "Remember in the 2nd grade?" All of it is imprinted in my brain.

So, retaining massive amounts of information is what I love to do. I just wish there were a high paying job that utilized my "Heroes" abilities while staying in my pjs all day.


Anonymous said...

Mandy, Mandy, Mandy... you know they have medication for this????

Love ya! Heather

MCC said...

Yes, I know. But I choose to self medicate with caffeine and chocolate. Oh wait, as of tomorrow the Pepsi is out. Dang 2008!

cathi said...

Oh, Mandy...the best part about this is that I never realized that I do the sidewalk thing...I always attributed it to the "step on a crack, break your mom's back" curse...I like my mom and would hate to have her demise based on my said side walk peril.
Nevertheless, it comes back to our "tenancies", all of which create a beautiful song in our heads but comes out sounding like Christopher Walken singing his ABC's to everybody else...