Monday, December 31, 2007


I have been such a slacker when it comes to sewing.

I have an amazing machine that is great for clothes, but even better for quilting. I don't love making clothes, but I do for the girl sometimes. I do love making quilt tops, but I HATE finishing them. Because the machine is on a table top, it's hard to quilt without the materials bunching.

I do pin, gallop stitch.....anything to make it secure, but it never fails to bunch.


Allen - who is waiting for a girl baby quilt

Aimee - who is waiting for a boy baby quilt

Wally - who is waiting for an anniversary quilt

Heather - who is waiting for an American flag quilt (there's a sneak peek)

Cyra - who is waiting on Betty boop quilts

My deepest apologies. Almost all of them have completed tops. It's the quilting that isn't finished.

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