Thursday, December 13, 2007


I was given the opportunity to plan a Christmas party for all the employee's kids that work at Ross's company. Hello? I would LOVE to. I started a few months ago and decided on a bowling party. I submitted a budget, bought individualized gifts for all of the kids, planned a menu and hired a Santa. It was a lot of fun shopping with someone else's money. =)

The party was last night and it was fun. We went to Signature Lanes in Elkhart. Casey & Heather did a great job repleshing our food and helping us throw a successful Christmas party.

The kids had a great time meeting Santa (2nd on list) and his family. Yes! He brought Mrs. Claus, Buddy, Jack Frost, Snowflake and little Twinkle (all elves). This Santa had a real beard and he assured me that it will be even longer next year!

Anyway, I had a great time planning the entire event. But much to my surprise, Ross's boss sent a $100 gift card to Casey's restaurant in Elkhart as a thank you. I've never been there! It will be nice to have a date with my we just need a sitter.

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