Saturday, December 15, 2007

We love you Heather

Big shout out to Heather Stevens. She's the best babysitter anyone could ask for.

Heather has been such a blessing to our family. Ross & I were able to attend our finance classes because she committed to babysitting for us each Tuesday. She's also been available last minute several times, even last night. Ross & I received a gift certificate and wanted to go out to dinner without kids.

She usually brings some sort of craft project to do with the kids. Last night she brought socks, fluff & string. The girls made cute little snowmen. Heather also fills & empties the dish washer. HALLELUJAH! Her mama taught her well. I always did that when I babysat, but not one of my sitters has except Heather. I don't feel like I pay her enough for the job she does.

Heather has been saving to buy herself a new computer. I guess it's around 1300 for all the equipment she needs. I asked her how close she was to her goal. She's at 1021! So close! I replied with "Well, you can add 30 more to your pot." Her response "Well, I can add 27." YES! This girl tithes on her babysitting money. Now you can see why I love her so much. I hope she rubs off on my girls.

Heather, if you're reading this..........we all love you so much and thank you for the blessing you have given our family. We always know our kids are in good hands when you're with them.

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Heather Stevens said...

Thanks soo much for that post! It was so nice of you!! I really do love you guys and your girls- whenever I get to babysit for you, I get so excited! It's ALWAYS soo much fun!
I love your WHOLE family!!
Love, Heather
P.S. Merry Christmas!!