Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Letter

I did my best to send a Christmas letter to all of my close family & friends. If I missed you....I apologize. Here is a Conforth family update:

Hip hip hooray! It's Christmas! It's here!
It's our family's favorite time of the year.
Our tree is up and stockings are hung,
We are all ready for more Holiday fun.
But first let me tell you of 2007,
We went to Disneyworld. It's just like heaven.
The girls loved all the shows and the rides,
An egg hunt at Epcot topped it off right!
Our clan also went back home in July.
It was nice to see everyone, but time sure flies!
Flying home just in time for school to start,
Cyra's in 3rd grade.....she's really smart.
Cyra also loves singing & Scouts.
Enjoying herself, that's what she's about!
Now Kenady is loving music, all kinds.
Dancing, singing it's her time to shine.
Her little tiny fingers are learning to write.
They're even quickly learning to type!
Campbell still has her super curly hair,
It's always in her eyes, she doesn't care.
Her favorite toys are Mickey Mouse.
I find them stashed all over the house.
In shoes, in socks, all over the place,
You should see her sweet little face.
The family had an addition as well.
A Pomeranian we named Cora Estelle.
Ross picked her out as a gift for us all,
She's only 5 pounds and 8 inches tall.
Ross is still working hard each day,
But at least he doesn't travel far away.
He's home each night for the girls to love,
Handing out tickles, kisses and hugs.
What about me? Not much has changed.
I do my best to keep things arranged.
Juggling things between church, school & Scouts,
All the while making sure I don't get burned out.
Hope you have enjoyed hearing the scoop,
We do our best to keep you all in the loop.
May this Christmas bring you joy and love,
And a year of peace that's sent from above.
We love all of you from the bottom of our hearts,
Just thought you should know since we're so far apart.
The Conforth family
Ross, Mandy, Cyra, Kenady, Campbell & Coco

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