Friday, June 20, 2008

Class of 1994 Reunion

In 2004 I planned our 10 year HS reunion. I spent a year gathering addresses, emails, info etc from every resource at my disposal. Trying to find every one of our classmates.

I found quite a few (around 150) and handed that over to my helper(whom I ADORE). There were 2 of us that planned THE ENTIRE THING!

Our agenda was this: Friday night - a get together at the bowling alley. I rented the entire thing so it would only be 1994 students (& spouses if they wanted to come along). Satuday afternoon we planned a golf outing and a tour of the new High School (the old 1 had been torn down). Saturday evening we had a HUGE barbecue trailer that provided BBQ chicken & all the fixins along w/a bar. I arranged a DJ, decor & giveaways. The party eventually made it to our local bar...there's only 1 in our town. Sunday consisted of a family day at the lake. We had parent / child games, with really cool prizes, bring your own picnic, swimming...just a fun, casual day.

I thought it was going to go well, but of course things (many) went wrong.

1st we had numerous complaints about our noise level. The hotel accidentally put a block of rooms for a convention right next to our loud party. 2nd, nobody danced...I mean nobody. And this dj rocks. They're just lame. 3rd, cheapskates tried to get in w/ out paying. And not just to socialize, but to eat & drink. 1 girl refused to pay and said some nasty things (w/in ear shot) but ended up paying because I forced her to. (I, meaning, my helper's hubby, who is about 6'3" and 250 lbs) Umm...if you don't pay for yourself, who gets to pay for you? ME that's who. I ended up $300 in the hole instead of $600 because of hubs' negotiating skills w/ the hotel.

Anyway, helper & I decided to NEVER. HELP. AGAIN. No matter what. And guess what? They don't want our help anyway. They've decided to go camping at the lake. Nothing planned. Hang out. Drink beer. Smoke weed. Ya know..."cool" stuff. =/

Now the class of 1994 has a myspace page. In the "about me" section it says "Unfortunately, we have been unable to retrieve the contact list that was compiled for the ten year reunion. That said, we hope that in two years' time, all of us will have opportunity to spread the word and encourage attendance"

Apparently helper friend didn't like the attitude that was thrown her way when the new planners asked for the deets and didn't give up the contact info. So, being the nice girl I am ;) I sent them all I had. Too bad they haven't changed their "about me" page. I've gotten several emails about it already. I look like the bad guy...again. I thought I was through being the bad guy once I graduated...guess not.

I am planning on going to CG that week, but doing my own thing. Hooking up w/ old friends. Visiting my Dad. Checking up on my house. Meeting new people.

WE WANT MORE IN '94....uh...not really. =/


World's Greatest Mommy said...

Isn't that just like people...Our 10 year was lame. I offered to help, but the two people in charge of it wanted to be in charge themselves. It was expensive...and there wasn't anything to do. I didn't even go.

Wawa said...

I think the one who has all the names should charge them $300 for the list and then pay you back for what you are in the hole. Planning things usually ends up being a thankless job unless you are doing it for a group of close friends. Life lesson learned!

That being said my high school is no longer a high school and the graduates are scattered all over the world. I don't even know where one person from my class is. I know where 2 underclassman are. So at least you have yours to make fun of!!

Tam said...

reunions scare me. wouldn't go to mine if you paid me. this would be my 20th class year reunion. oh my stars!!! thats terrible! i'll be getting hip replacements before i know it. dang!

and. yes! we better hook up girl! this is a MUST

christine said...

Ha...that is awful! I didn't go to mine at all...I guess they had a bbq at Cody's house and pizza or something the night before. I think they ended up at the bar as well. It just didn't sound like my kinda thing.....

lori said...

HeHeHe...i just passed up the opportunity to go to my 25th reunion...and i'm glad i did! they set it all up through yahoo groups, and from the messages i've seen so far, nothing has changed. they had an kicked out by the cops! one of the organizers even said "here we are at 43 years old..." yeah, nothing much changed! so don't fret know who your friends are, and they will stick by you.