Saturday, June 7, 2008

RagamuffinTop Challenge

Week 1 recap:

My goal was to cut portions by 1/3 and to excercise for 30 min. 5 days per week.

Day 1 - Mowed part of the lawn for 40 min. Then walked for 20 min
Day 2 - Power walked 40 min.
Day 3 - Power walked 60 min
Day 4 - Power walked 50 min
Day 5 - Mowed the entire lawn 80 min.

So I was AWESOME at keeping up w/ the excercise...even through the thunder storms we've been having.

As for portions, I've been eating off of a salad plate. Because for me it's ALL about emptying the plate. And I'm always full no matter how much is really there. Mental issues I tell ya.

I'm not counting calories, just cutting back portions. It seems to be working though. I've had more energy this week that I have in a long time AND I lost 2 lbs. Not a lot, but better than nothing! And I made sure to weigh myself BEFORE I got my haircut so it wouldn't throw off my numbers.


World's Greatest Mommy said...

Oh my gosh, you're an inspiration! Okay, that's it. Daily exercise for me...priority number one.

Love your haircut!

godzgaljen said... are an exercise Queen!!! You go! Great job on your 2 pounds loss! Thanks for stopping by to cheer me on.

I don't know how you eat salad without dressing!! I couldn't go it. Maybe if I liked the

Have a great weekend.

Lisa said...

Congrats! Your hair looks way cute!

Joni said...

That's awesome! Great job on the exercise and 2 lbs. I'm thrilled just to lose anything. Keep up the good work!!!!

Milk Mama said...

Two pounds a week is AWESOME!!! Love your hair!!!

World's Greatest Mommy said...

BTW...Thanks for the links for the shasta and cherry sours. I've been drooling ever since.

Dandelion Seeds said...

Cute hair! Keep up the good work!