Tuesday, June 3, 2008

These boots were made for walkin...

I walked again tonight. SERIOUSLY. TWO. NIGHTS. IN. A. ROW. Only this time I chose the neighborhood next door. Trying to be courteous to folks in my OWN neighborhood. It WAS dinner time and I would hate to ruin a good cook out.

This time my walk was for an entire hour. Oh yeah, I was moving my hips, pumping my arms, bobbing my head, waving to random folks.

Here was my playlist:

I Wanna Be Your Lover - Prince
1999 - "
Little Red Corvette - "
When Doves Cry - "
I Would Die 4 U - "
U Got The Look - "
Get Off - "
Cream - "
Diamonds & Pearls - "
Money Don't Matter 2 Night - "
Let's Go Crazy - "
Raspberry Beret - "
Kiss - "
4 Minutes - Madonna & Justin Timberlake
Give It 2 Me - Madonna
She's Not Me - "

It's funny. I just started walking w/ my ipod. It's SOOOOO much easier w/ tunes. I had it cranked up so loud that it felt like it was being piped into the neighborhood. Sort of like a Disney parade.

I was quickly brought down from that cloud when I was passed by 3 girls on scooters (wearing matching "scooter gang" t-shirts =/) and THEY didn't hear the same music I heard. It was apparent by the way I was dancing.....and they were laughing.

Laugh on girls, laugh on. Can't wait to see you on the walking path in another 15 years. I'll definately beat you to the finish line on MY scooter....of course it'll be the mobility kind.


Tam said...

you go girl!

i really don't like to exercise. i did a little yesterday but now i hurt today. is that normal???

Prince rocks! I love "Cream". I know it's a naughty song but dang it, it is so cool!

natedavidscott said...

i agree...it's amazing what a difference music makes, although my personal choices are usually "life in your way" and "underoath" for a good workout.

Joe said...


Every Prince song you have listed I can sing by heart.


Natalie Witcher said...

I rock out with U2 and David Crowder! You get those girls on your scooter!

World's Greatest Mommy said...

Love this post! I hate walking at our rec center indoor track, 'cause there's always this extremely fit elderly couple who lap me multiple times while I'm walking. Seriously, the abs on these people...

Mishababy said...

I have to say all Prince songs are da bomb. But my ultimate favorite is Diamonds and Pearls.

aahhhh takes me back. :-)