Monday, June 30, 2008

Conducting business the right way

Some of you know that I'm considering selling my house...for those who don't SURPRISE!

We are looking for something to rent while we wait for the RV market to pick up & while we research the best spot to be for schooling & eventual resale.

I got on Craig's List last week to look for rentals and there was a listing posted for someone looking to buy a Granger home. It didn't look like a professional ad, just Joe Blow needing a home. It said "Need to move ASAP"

I replied with details about my home including the price. And a few hours later, I received a response. She asked if we would be willing to do a "subject to" arrangement. For those who don't sell a lot of is the jist of "subject to" arrangement. If you don't want to read all of that, it's basically that the "new owner" takes over bank payments and then turns around and rents it and gets to keep the difference. You are then free to get a mortgage on a different home. Of course she didn't explain what she was talking about just typing "subject to".

I responded to her email by saying that our neighborhood does not allow anything other than a standard sale. I got no response. No "I'm not interested at this time. Allrighty then, never mind." Nothing.

Interesting fact: This woman attends my church. She's involved in the drama group and in my kids' classroom.

Please hear me: I do not care that she didn't respond to me. I have sold many, many houses in my day and know the deal w/ folks who are out to make quick $ in real estate. I don't even care that she attends my church.

What I DO care about is if someone ELSE responded to her request...THEY got no response from her. Then THEY researched & found out that her "subject to" is not REALLY like a property sale. Or that she didn't need to "move ASAP". What if THEY googled her and found out that she attends & is active at GCC....what do they now think of US? Of our church?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, linking her to the post would be very risky. I'd probably stay away from doing so. I don't have a great reason why, I just feel it'd be a bad decision.

Good-luck however on selling the house.

Wawa said...

hmmm....I don't know, while you know who she is, you "met" her thru Craigs List so in my experience you can't expect a lot of professionalism there. It was a fairly casual exchange so I wouldn't hold it up to as high of standards.

MCC said...

My hope is that I always conduct myself in a manner pleasing to matter where I am. Church, grocery store, craig's list.

Maybe I expect too much out of people. My bad.

World's Greatest Mommy said...

Wow, I'm so inept when it comes to these type of things. I do think that can reflect badly. Whether we like it or realize it. What we do does reflect on all our associations, church, school, work, etc.